Zapier support?

Hello :slight_smile:

Love the product so far. So much potential and I can’t wait to explore further.

I was however, immediately curious about Zapier support? I checked on Zapier and couldn’t find dashdash listed there which was a bit of a surprise.

For me, zapier is the duct tape of nocode solutions to help bring them all together. I have already come across 4 separate use cases that I would use zapier for with dashdash.

Are there any plans for this soon?


Hi Colin,

Thanks for the input and feedback! :slight_smile:

My name is Joao Oliveira and I’m responsible for product integrations here at dashdash.

Zapier is not on the top priorities at the moment but I’d love to connect with you on those 4 use cases. Maybe we can move it up in the priorities list :wink:

I will send you a PM to coordinate

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I agree. Adding Zapier would be such a great leverage on other integrations.

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