[Workaround] #SIZE! "Cell max size is 200kb"


Sometimes, either while using Custom APIs or our integration functions, you might end up with the following error -

Example when using an integration function

This happens because of the hard limits we have on the platform (for good reasons :slight_smile:).

But don’t let this discourage you from exploring dashdash for all its potential and here’s what we can do to overcome this challenge in most cases.



Note: This tip is mainly applicable for workflows where the intent is to finally have the JSON data be written over a spreadsheet table.

  • The data being handled in these cells need to be a valid JSON (most modern APIs return a response in this format and so do almost all our integration functions)
  • Basic understanding of JsonPath Fundamentals


Encapsulate the main function (i.e. the GET/PUT/POSTs or the integration ones) with a PARSE (optional, in case you only need specific objects) and then wrap that directly with one of our INSERT / UPDATE / OVERWRITE functions.


Let’s take the dev.to API as an example (from the screenshot above).

The JSON response of a single object looks like this :point_down:t4: however, let’s say we only need the user details from each of these articles -

Given the scenario, all we’d need to do is -

  1. Extract only the user details from all the 1000 articles using PARSE (query: "$..user")
  2. Directly use the INSERT_DATA function to add that information on a table

Formula: =INSERT_DATA(PARSE(GET("https://dev.to/api/articles?per_page=1000"),"$..user"),3:3)

Depending on your needs, you are free to use any of the other functions instead of INSERT_DATA and also configure the destination to not have the information flow on row 3.

Drop a comment in case you need any assist with having this implemented in your spreadsheet on dashdash.

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Happy building :heart:
Sourabh | No-Code Builder