Where is the function for importing an existing spreadsheet?

Simple function. So simple, in fact, that I’m wondering how it’s possible that I’m overlooking it.

How do I import my existing spreadsheets?

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Hey @kingstonstation :wave:t4: thanks for reaching out. You’ve not overlooked anything at all.
I’m afraid we don’t have any native option to import existing CSVs or XLSX data files at the moment :sweat_smile:

However, you could make use of our Google Sheets integration that would allow you to fetch and update data from there.

I’d also highly recommend adding this and any other asks on our feature request board here — https://feedback.rows.com/

Hope this helps.

Wow. This was not the answer I was expecting.

This is literally like a company launching a word processor that won’t open a TXT document.

So, your company wants to compete with Excel and Sheets and you don’t have the functionality to import CSV files? A spreadsheet app that doesn’t open CSV files is a piece of shit. It’s useless. You’re going to fail miserably with your current leadership. You need someone who ACTUALLY uses spreadsheets, and you need them quickly.