Web Scraping & Data Visualization

Hey team!

A couple of things that would bring this app to the next level for me would be to add in web scraping like how Screaming Frog does it: Web Scraper Tool | Screaming Frog alongside data visualization so we can create reports for clients. Would definitely make this app a killer!

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Thanks for sharing these recommendations, @Joe_Goodman :raised_hands:t4:

We do have some of these inputs/ideas on our roadmap already :blush:

  • Charts / visualizations
  • REGEX functions

No ETAs though :sweat_smile: XPATH and web scraping capabilities sound interesting too. I’ve added it to our list!

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Thanks!! Also, would be great to have drop-down select lists as an action element a la data validation in Sheets.

Is there any way to follow these requests or road maps? Love the way Ahrefs does it :smiley:

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Agreed! We are working on bringing the drop-down feature as fast as possible but for now, you may want to try making use of checkboxes as radio buttons — definitely not the same, but it addresses the problem of not having users enter an input but rather give them an option to select based on predefined ones.

As for tracking feature requests, while we don’t have a publicly available tool for it, we are looking into having one in place — hopefully by the following quarter :crossed_fingers:t4: :sweat_smile:

Awesome, I appreciate the work that you’re doing!! This tool is great and I’m excited to see it grow.

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