Very Confused - Usage and Billing Data

I stopped all my automation tasks 48 hours ago since I was unable to understand my consumption and costs. Today morning (12 Dec at 3:54 hours ) I checked my usage and I was shown that I have used 773 tasks out of 10000 tasks quota for the month.

I enabled one sheet with Automation and after some time I checked the sheet which fetched about 2 searches and about 200+ updates and to my surprise I saw that my usage showed 5587 tasks used out of 10000 tasks .

Is there something wrong somewhere ? I am totally confused . Attached are the two pics .

Hey @hari - since different sheets would consume integration tasks depending on the workflow, we could sit on the sheet/workflow together to understand how is the usage being consumed. For instance, though there may only be about 200-odd updates/rows to work through, each row could also have multiple integration tasks, depending on the setup.

I was able to test the platform and can confirm that the integration tasks are being counted based on those function executions alone. Here’s a walkthrough of the same -

Since we’re revamping the usage page, it has been hidden for now and temporarily, you would not be able to view individual integration executions like I’d indicated yesterday.

In any case, I will investigate the integration tasks from your account for the time period that you’ve specified on Monday (14 Dec), to be able to confirm which integration tasks may’ve been triggered or if there was any kind of malfunction that might’ve spiked your usage.

Also, looking at your previous post, I sense that you’re having a tough time navigating through the usage and billing sections of the platform — would you prefer if we could get on a call where we could share screens and I could help with alleviating your concerns in these areas?
Let me know so we could schedule some time in the following week.


I am also checking the execution count periodically to ensure that the execution count is tracked.In the random cases i checked it was coming ok.
But this one caught me by surprise since I had stopped all the automatic updation . I also could not check which sheet was consuming the tasks . Please do let me know the root cause.

Also it would be good if the tasks could be reset to zero when the sheet wise consumption can be shown. Anyways let us connect next week .


Please see this screen shot as well.

In the morning it was 527 /1000 and I have not done any thing much in this account.

PLease reset the free account tasks since I will be unable to do my work if the system blocks me.

@Hari - we’ve enabled the Usage page for your account that should allow you to view the integration functions being used, based on the different spreadsheets.

Could you please check and let me know if you’re able to access those pages and view the data? Here’s how you can go about viewing your account usage.

I’ll also keep you posted once we’ve collated the data for the 12th but I’m hoping the usage shown in your account should already help shed light on the same :innocent:

PS. Have also shared an email to see how soon we can schedule a call to go through these together.

Have some more data from today which appears out of line to me.
Will share it by email.


Today morning this was the count. 7963 . Since I did not have any tasks left on my free account, I used my paid account to process 138 API calls .

I then got into a board meeting and just got back to my desk.

The task now shows 9719.

Close to 1800 additional tasks are getting added.

I do not have any scheduled updates running to the best of my knowledge since I stopped all of them.

I am also not able to see the option of sheet wise tasks which was enabled earlier.

Attaching a picture and a screen shot of today’s numbers.

Thanks for keeping me posted, @Hari.

  1. With regards to the integration tasks, we would need to sit together on the sheet to be able to determine which parts of it are being consumed as I do not have access to your account - let’s do this when we connect later today
  2. Thanks for sharing the loom video over the email too – looks like the Usage page has still not started to appear on your dashboard and I’ve reached out to our team to help remedy that :muscle:t4: