Validate VAT IDs, using vatlayer API & dashdash

Many Finance teams track and validate VAT IDs manually using the VIES platform to correctly invoice customers and submit VAT returns. See below how you can automate this task by using vatlayer API and dashdash.

1) Sign up for vatlayer API to get your API access key
As a first step sign up for the vatlayer API (see different plans) and get your access_key

2) Create a request for VAT ID validation using the GET function: by using the GET function you can create an API request to check if a VAT ID is valid or not.

For example:


The output of the function in dashdash would be (see more details on vatlayer’s API docs) :

{“valid”:true,“database”:“ok”,“format_valid”:true,“query”:“LU26375245”,“country_code”:“LU”,“vat_number”:“26375245”,“company_name”:“AMAZON EUROPE CORE S.A R.L.”,“company_address”:“5, RUE PLAETIS\nL-2338 LUXEMBOURG”}

3) Use PARSE function to extract the key info (e.g. company name or address) of the API response: you can use this function to extract the key information. For example, to get the company address you would use:

And voilá, our entire App would look something like this:

PRO TIP: Automatically refresh data using REPEAT: you can schedule the info refreshing to be done on a monthly basis. You should create a cell with the function REPEAT(1, 43200)(e.g. cell H2) and then use that cell with a IF function on your App - for example IF(H1, GET(...), "Not Running").

On our example app above, to extract the valid true/false, the function would be something like:

=PARSE(IF($H$2,GET(“"&$H$1&"&vat_number="&A2),"Not Running”),“valid”)