Validate Phone Numbers

Lead lists often contain data that is no longer up-to-date—especially when it comes to phone numbers. Some companies keep an entire team busy calling long phone lists to check if the phone numbers are still active.

Using custom APIs like RealPhoneValidation or Nexmo, you can validate your leads’ phone numbers from within a spreadsheet and eliminate invalid or disconnected numbers before they enter your CRM. You can also identify the number type (landline, cell, virtual) ensuring that you don’t send text messages to landlines as well as carrier networks to optimize SMS routing when engaging with your leads. :raised_hands:

Validate phone lists in bulk with RealPhoneValidation Turbo

The RealPhoneValidation (RPV) Turbo API identifies disconnected and invalid phone numbers. Their real-time service pings the phone switch and uses the live telco data to check landline and mobile numbers’ active status.

Note: The RPV Turbo API only validates phone numbers for US landlines and US mobile numbers.

With RPV Turbo, you can get the following response types:

  • status
    • “Connected”: always connected
    • “Disconnected”: always disconnected
    • “Unreachable”: not reachable
    • “Invalid phone”: phone not valid
    • “Busy”: busy
    • And more
  • error_text
  • iscell: Y for “yes”, N for “no”—determines whether the phone number provided is a mobile number.
  • carrier

Create a phone validator in dashdash

Step 1: Sign up for an account with RealPhoneValidation and retrieve your token

If you’d like to give the RPV Turbo API a try, sign up for a trial account here. Retrieve your Authorization Token via the Validation menu on the left sidebar.

Note: There is no charge for the first 100 validation requests.

Step 2: Set up your app

2.1. Insert Authorization Token

Copy-paste your RPV Authorization Token into B1.

2.2. Make the API request

Create a column to insert the phone numbers you’d like to validate. In the next column, make your API request to the RPV Turbo API using the GET function:


Note that in this request, you’re referring to the phone number in cell A9 as well as your Authorization Token in B1.

2.3. Parse the desired objects

We’re parsing for the status, error_text, is_cell as well as carrier.


Ensure your leads are reachable with Nexmo

If you’d like to validate the legitimacy of international (not only US) customer phone numbers, then Nexmo’s Number Insight API is the better choice for you.

Note: API requests are not free. Upon sign-up, your Nexmo account will be topped up with 2-3 EUR which you can spend for testing purposes.

The API provides information regarding

  • If the number is likely to be valid, i.e. if the number exists. Please note that this is applicable to mobile numbers only.
    • Response Objects:
      • unknown: the number could not be validated.
      • valid: the number is valid.
      • not_valid: the number is invalid.
      • inferred_not_valid: the number could not be determined as valid or invalid via an external system and the best guess is that the number is invalid.
  • If the number is ported.
  • If the number is reachable, i.e. if you can call the number now. Please note that this is applicable to mobile numbers only.
  • If the number is roaming and, if so, the carrier and country

:nail_care: Keep your database clean and make the most out of existing customer information with one of the above APIs. Hope you enjoy! :tipping_hand_woman: