Utilise Github for your DEV talent acquisition?

Hello fellow dashdashers :wave:

if you are struggling to find the right developers for your company, we might just have a solution for you! In two simple steps, you can search the Github database for engineers :mag_right: :woman_technologist:

  1. Build the GET request and insert profiles
  2. GET information on those profiles

In the end, your app will work as smoothly as :point_down: So bear with me!

:one: Build the GET request :one:

This one requires some setup time, but it’s still super easy:

A1 = language    B1 = [CHOOSE LANGUAGE]
A2 = location    B2 = [CHOOSE LOCATION]
A3 = followers   B3 = [CHOOSE NO. FOLLOWERS]
A4 = sort        B4 = [CHOOSE SORT TYPE]
A6 = Total       A7 = PARSE(B7,"length()")
B6 = List request         B7 = PARSE(GET("https://api.github.com/search/users?q="&A1&":"&B1&"+"&A2&":"&B2&"+"&A3&":"&B3&"+"&A4&":"&B4&""),"items")
C6 = Insert       C7 = INSERT_DATA(B7,A9)

Ok, here some explanations on the input above :woman_teacher:

  • B1: input a computer language you’d like your developer to speak. See all possibilities here.
  • B2: enter a location where you are looking for developers.
  • B3: how many followers should your developers have? Enter at least >0.
  • B4: what should your search results be sorted by? Options are:
    • followers: descending from most to least followers
    • joined: from earliest to latest join date
    • repositories: descending from amount of repositories they own
  • A7: here we are displaying the total number of developers that your search query has resulted in.
  • B7: the GET request put together and immediately parsed for the items, i.e. the search results.
  • C7: inserts the developer profiles in column A below the header β€œlogin”.

Alright, our GET request is ready and we already got back the data from the Github API in B7 :triumph:

:two: GET information on those profiles :two:

Now all we need to do is to enrich those user names with further information! We can do this with a second GET request.

B7 = User request 
B8 = GET("https://api.github.com/users/"&A8&"")
C7 = Name
C8 = PARSE(B8,"['name']")
D7 = Company
D8 = PARSE(B8,"['company']")
E7 = Location
E8 = PARSE(B8,"['location']")
F7 = Email
F8 = PARSE(B8,"['email']")
G7 = Hireable
G8 = PARSE(B8,"['hireable']")

Pro tip: You can PARSE out further information from the data file in B8 such as, repositories owned, amount of followers, bio …

Amazing, at this point you are done :tada: You can always go back and query for different location and languages. The limit lies at 30 API calls a minute. Should suffice, don’t you think :wink:

Happy building :building_construction::construction_worker_woman: