Using VLOOKUPs with URLS as search keys

Hey there!

I’m trying to use a URL as a search query, but I keep getting an error that the vlookup key is not found, regardless of if it has https, www, trailing slashes, etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey @Joe_Goodman — thanks for reporting this issue. I was able to replicate the same problem on my account too and have reported it internally as a bug.

I’ll keep you posted soon as and when I have more updates to share or when this gets resolved.

Sorry for the inconvenience :pray:t4:

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Thank you sir! Luckily I’m only working with one domain right now, so I’m able to strip the base domain and just use the path.

Love this tool you guys have going, excited to see it grow!

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I hope you’re using our RELATIVE_URL function for this :wink:

Glad you’re enjoying using our platform :heart:

I’m not actually! Based on the examples in the relative URL function, it looked like it wasn’t what I needed, but testing it works fine! Might be another low priority thing to look into!

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Ah! Thanks for letting me know. Could’ve happened because we launched the DOMAIN function on the same day as we did this one :stuck_out_tongue:

Talking to our peeps to have this rectified.

Happy building :raised_hands:t4:

Thank you! Quick question - is the forums the best place to bring concerns like these up, or is there another preferred method of feedback?


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Forums are perfect :innocent:

We do have email support on our paid plans but feel free to use this space to share feedback, demo something special that you’ve built, share some hacks / workaround or other pro tips.

Done! This has now been fixed :sunglasses:

@Joe_Goodman — do please feel free to reach out in case you face any other issues too!

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Hey @Joe_Goodman — it’s been a while!

Thought to reach out and let you know that you could now use our brand new feature request and feedback space over at to share as much input as you’d like :smirk:

Feel free to hit us up using our in-app chat feature too — you’ll find it on the dropdown via the :grey_question: on the right-top corner of your dashboard (when logged-in).

Can’t wait to hear what you have to say!