Use date for API request


I’m currently testing Rows to do some basic API calls (for plentymarkets API).
Everything works fine except requests where I need to set a specific date.

For example I’m trying to fetch all orders from a specific date, the query would be like this:

Although the error message received from the API is the following:

Error parsing createdAtFrom string. Please provide string in W3C format.

I tried many different things, e.g. using the non-encoded version of the date, like 2021-04-01T00:00:00+01:00 but it didn’t work. The API always tells that it’s not formatted correctly.

I used the same querys on different systems (e.g. Postman or own PHP scripts) so I should know how to do the API calls.

Maybe there’s a way to send the date correctly with the PAIR2JSON() function?
For the present API I can send queries via URL directly or via JSON.
Although I have to send a bearer token as well with every API call, like PAIR2JSON("Authorization",("Bearer abcde")).

I can’t find a way to debug the data sent to the API in Rows, otherwise I would see how the date is being formatted / sent to the API.

Thank you in advance for any help!

Hey @kbr - thanks for reaching out. Looks like I might have to experiment with the live set-up to be able to determine what may be causing the issue. Is there any way we could do this over a screen-share session?
I’ll DM you further on this.

In the meantime, I tried signing-up for but looks like it may take a while for me to get my own trial account to test the APIs. While the error message may not have anything to do with this, I’d also recommend structuring the bearer token data as below -

=PAIR2JSON(“Authorization”,CONCATENATE("Bearer ", “abcde”))

Typically, it’s easier to resolve these issues when we have open APIs but since this involves a very specific service, we may need to explore this in a little more detail. It would help if you could also share the documentation you are referring to while making this API call.