Use BuiltWith Lists API to create lists of sales prospects

Lead Generation is probably one of the biggest challenges in sales. This article explains how to leverage the BuildWith Lists API and dashdash to create lists of prospects based (for example) on the integrations offered by the product you sell.

Let’s imagine that you just joined CXMetrics, a US-based software company offering a content analytics. As your first task you need to find prospects in Germany and Austria that use a Content Management System (CMS) that CXMetrics integrates with.

1) Sign up for Buildwith to get your API Lists key: as a first step sign up for Lists API key (see different plans and limits).

2) Create a GET request for the API Lists API using the GET function: by using the GET function you can create an API request to retrieve a certain list.

For example, if you are looking for companies with a “.de” domain and using Drupal the function would look something like:


The first three entries of the output of the GET function would be (for example) (see more details on BuildWith Lists API :


3) Use PARSE function to extract the list of company domains: you can use this function to extract the list of domains from the API response (assuming the API response is on cell B2):

4) Use PARSE function again to extract each individual company domain: with the syntax below you can extract the domain of each individual item on the list of domains from step 3):


After repeating steps 3) and 4) for domains .at and the API parameter Location as Austria and Germany, your entire App would look something like this:



  1. Set URLs for LinkedIn Profile Search using the domain so your sales reps can quickly find the contacts on LinkedIn:


  1. Use the Mattermark and APIs to find specific contact details of employees at the list of companies - for more details check out this great how-to guide created by @Torben