Usage & Billing data

Can you please show us all the usage data based on dates and sheets ? I find it a little confusing currently . The transition without prior intimation of the exact date , has made it a little more difficult to understand the usage for each of the integration .

Hey @Hari,

Here are the instructions to view your account usage.

While we don’t have usage data displayed as per specific dates, you can get this information for every month, bifurcated as per each / individual spreadsheet and integration (you can also view usage for specific functions too, on the integrations tab).

The idea was always to start the transition by early this week (7 Dec) but I understand why it could’ve been unsettling to have it happen a few days later.

I’ll pass on the feedback through to our teams and try to have these transitions smoother.

If you’d like, we could also connect over a quick call where I could walk you through the same :blush: and in the meantime, should there be anything else that you’d like to know, do please feel free to write back. Thanks.