**Updated** Integration Spotlight: Twitter


With dashdash’s Twitter integration it’s easy to follow users, post, and get tweets.

The new integration allows you to follow users, post tweets, monitor different hashtags, keywords, and mentions, and more. You can also combine it with other integrations like Slack and Gmail to help automate your growth processes or with the News API integration to automate the tweeting of relevant articles and posts.


Our Twitter integration has the following five custom functions:

Function Description
FOLLOW_USER_TWITTER Follow up to 400 new users on Twitter per day.
GET_FOLLOWERS_TWITTER Get the number of followers of a Twitter account.
GET_FOLLOWING_TWITTER Get the number of people someone follows on Twitter.
POST_TWEET_TWITTER Post up to 1000 tweets from your account per day.
SEARCH_TWEETS_TWITTER Get the top 100 public tweets based on keywords.
SEARCH_USERS_TWITTER Find up to 100 relevant users based on your keywords.
UNFOLLOW_USER_TWITTER Unfollow a Twitter user.


Use FOLLOW_USER_TWITTER to follow a Twitter account. You can follow up to 400 new users per day.



Parameter Mandatory Description
username Yes Twitter screen name. For example: "dashdash".

To follow dashdash on twitter:


Follow user example


Use GET_FOLLOWERS_TWITTER to get the number of followers a Twitter account has.



Parameter Mandatory Description
username Yes Twitter screen name. For example: "adidas".

To get dashdash's number of followers:


Get followers example


Use GET_FOLLOWING_TWITTER to get the number of accounts Twitter user follows.



Parameter Mandatory Description
username Yes Twitter screen name. For example: "adidas".


To get the number of accounts adidas follows:


Get following example


Use POST_TWEET_TWITTER to post up to 1000 tweets from your account per day.

:memo: Note: You can’t use user mentions in your Tweets. This is to make sure that no one gets spammed.



Parameter Mandatory Description
text Yes The text content of the tweet. For example: "dashdash is awesome!".

To post dashdash is a great no-code tool on Twitter:

=POST_TWEET_TWITTER("dashdash is a great no-code tool")

Post tweet example


Use SEARCH_TWEETS_TWITTER to return up to 100 of the most popular tweets matching your query.



Parameter Mandatory Description
query Yes Keywords to search tweets for. For example: "No-code tools", "#dashdash", or "@dashdash".
type No Specifies type of search results returned. Choose either:
- "recent"
- "popular"
- "mixed"(default) - returns a mix between the most recent and most popular tweets
date No Returns tweets created before the given date, formatted as YYYY-MM-DD, limited to 7 previous days. For example: "2020-03-04"
language No Language of the tweet, as given by ISO 639-1 code. For example: "en".


To get the most popular tweets about Microsoft in English from seven days before 2020-08-06:


Search tweets example


Use SEARCH_USERS_TWITTER to return up to 100 Twitter users related to your query. To make things even easier, use our Users recommended table to get their name, username, follower count, account description, location, and URL all in one click.


Parameter Mandatory Description
query Yes The keywords to use to find users. For example: "Apple" or "Spreadsheet geeks".


To find users that do something related to Spreadsheets:


Search tweets example


Use UNFOLLOW_USER_TWITTER to quickly and easily stop following a user on Twitter.



Parameter Mandatory Description
username Yes Twitter screen name of the user to stop following. For example: "adidas".


To unfollow Adidas:


Try It Out Now!

To try out the Twitter integration, you can get started with these pre-built templates:

Track Twitter hashtags:
Monitor track hashtags, keywords, and mentions on Twitter. You can also choose to automatically follow the users of the retrieved tweets.

Track Twitter hashtags example

Track Twitter hashtags, keywords, and mentions

Track Twitter mentions with Slack
Receive Slack alerts of your monitored hashtags, keywords, and mentions on Twitter

Track Twitter mentions with Slack example

Follow Twitter users
Automatically follow a list of Twitter profiles.

Follow Twitter users example


Is it possible to add an attachment to the POST_TWEET_TWITTER function ?

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Hi Hari,

At the moment, the function only supports TEXT based input but this seems like an awesome idea :+1:t4:

Might we understand a little more of the use case? What did you have in mind in terms of the attachment - images, videos etc.?

Simple - It is for promotions. Tweets with Pictures attract more clicks, Tweets with videos have even more coverage . So it requires link , video and pic support for twitter to be used effectively. animated gifs are the new craze and there are several use cases for that.


A community member in makerpad asked me how I am using dashdash to extract keywords from twitter and populate it in airtable. I made a crude video explaining what I have done and I am sharing it here for the community.
how i use dashdash with twitter , airtable and parabola


I love it. Thank you so much for sharing, @Hari! :raised_hands:t3::fire:

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Is it possible to send Direct Messages to twitter handles using dashdash.
I understand that it is possible with integromat ,
Can you please see if that is a possibility.

Not at the moment but we will pass it along through to our Product team to evaluate this request further :+1:t4:

I’ve got an issue with the Twitter integration where I had connected two different Twitter accounts, but now none of them are working.
All Twitter functions worked fine when I first connected my personal account, but when I later added the account I wanted to use the functions for, I could not select the appropriate account. Thus, I removed the integration with my personal account, and added the second one - but now, i get a “#FAIL! The OAuth token needs to be refreshed” message. Where can I do that?

Hi @pmoe - could you please try removing all Twitter accounts and add just the one that you need at the moment? I suspect this should work as I was able to do that on my account too now.

It would also help if you could share the function too. Thanks.