*Updated* Integration spotlight: Gauss

:mega: We’ve rebranded Gauss and moved all its awesome functions to the Rows Company Search integration.


With our Gauss integration, it couldn’t be easier to find company names, domains, or companies based on their number of employees, location, and industry.

Pricing and limits

Each function execution costs $0.01 and returns as much data as is possible according to dashdash’s cell limits. For very broad searches, this averages out to around 900 responses.


Function Description
SEARCH_COMPANIES_GAUSS Find companies by employees size, location, and industry.
GET_COMPANY_BY_DOMAIN_GAUSS Get company details based on their domain.
FIND_DOMAIN_GAUSS Get the domain of a company from its name.
FIND_EMAIL_GAUSS Get a person’s email based on their work domain.


Use SEARCH_COMPANIES_GAUSS to find companies based on their number of employees, location, and industry. You can use the Companies recommended table to get all your results, including their name, domain, founding date, sector, employee range, address, and LinkedIn profile, into a table with just one click.


SEARCH_COMPANIES_GAUSS(employees, location, industry)

Parameter Mandatory Description
employees Yes Number of employees. For example: ">50" or "<1000".
location Yes Company location (country, region or state, city). For example: "United States" or "London; Manchester; Liverpool".
The responses returned will favor the locations in sequential order. That is, there will be more responses for the first location than the second, the second to the third, and so on.
industry Yes Company industry. For example: "retail" or "banking;retail". For a full list of industries, check the note below.

:memo: Note: Just remember: to enter numerous locations or industries, you need to use a semicolon (;). This way, you can state locations more precisely ("Houston, Texas; Austin, Texas") as well as use industries that already have a comma in them ("Leisure, Travel & Tourism; Food & Beverage").

List of Industries

- Accounting
- Airlines/Aviation
- Alternative Dispute Resolution
- Alternative Medicine
- Animation
- Apparel & Fashion
- Architecture & Planning
- Arts and Crafts
- Automotive
- Aviation & Aerospace
- Banking
- Biotechnology
- Broadcast Media
- Building Materials
- Business Supplies and Equipment
- Capital Markets
- Chemicals
- Civic & Social Organization
- Civil Engineering
- Commercial Real Estate
- Computer & Network Security
- Computer Games
- Computer Hardware
- Computer Networking
- Computer Software
- Construction
- Consumer Electronics
- Consumer Goods
- Consumer Services
- Cosmetics
- Dairy
- Defense & Space
- Design
- ELearning
- Education Management
- Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
- Entertainment
- Environmental Services
- Events Services
- Executive Office
- Facilities Services
- Farming
- Financial Services
- Fine Art
- Fishery
- Food & Beverages
- Food Production
- FundRaising
- Furniture
- Gambling & Casinos
- Glass, Ceramics & Concrete
- Government Administration
- Government Relations
- Graphic Design
- Health, Wellness and Fitness
- Higher Education
- Hospital & Health Care
- Hospitality
- Human Resources
- Import and Export
- Individual & Family Services
- Industrial Automation
- industry
- Information Services
- Information Technology and Services
- Insurance
- International Affairs
- International Trade and Development
- Internet
- Investment Banking
- Investment Management
- Judiciary
- Law Enforcement
- Law Practice
- Legal Services
- Legislative Office
- Leisure, Travel & Tourism
- Libraries
- Logistics and Supply Chain
- Luxury Goods & Jewelry
- Machinery
- Management Consulting
- Maritime
- Market Research
- Marketing and Advertising
- Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
- Media Production
- Medical Devices
- Medical Practice
- Mental Health Care
- Military
- Mining & Metals
- Motion Pictures and Film
- Museums and Institutions
- Music
- Nanotechnology
- Newspapers
- Nonprofit Organization Management
- Oil & Energy
- Online Media
- Outsourcing/Offshoring
- Package/Freight Delivery
- Packaging and Containers
- Paper & Forest Products
- Performing Arts
- Pharmaceuticals
- Philanthropy
- Photography
- Plastics
- Political Organization
- Primary/Secondary Education
- Printing
- Professional Training & Coaching
- Program Development
- Public Policy
- Public Relations and Communications
- Public Safety
- Publishing
- Railroad Manufacture
- Ranching
- Real Estate
- Recreational Facilities and Services
- Religious Institutions
- Renewables & Environment
- Research
- Restaurants
- Retail
- Security and Investigations
- Semiconductors
- Shipbuilding
- Sporting Goods
- Sports
- Staffing and Recruiting
- Supermarkets
- Telecommunications
- Textiles
- Think Tanks
- Tobacco
- Translation and Localization
- Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
- Utilities
- Venture Capital & Private Equity
- Veterinary
- Warehousing
- Wholesale
- Wine and Spirits
- Wireless
- Writing and Editing


To get retail companies in London that have more than 50 employees:


Search companies example


Use GET_COMPANY_BY_DOMAIN_GAUSS to get a company’s name, founding date, sector, employee range, address, and LinkedIn profile. And to get all these details just with one click, use our Company details recommended row or table.



Parameter Mandatory Description
domain Yes Company website domain. For example: "spotify.com".


To get the details for apple.com:


Get company by domain example


Use FIND_DOMAIN_GAUSS to quickly find the domain of a company.



Parameter Mandatory Description
company Yes Company name or keyword. For example: "dashdash" or "Tesla".


To get the domain of apple:


Find domain example


Use FIND_EMAIL_GAUSS to get the right email for a person at a company.


FIND_EMAIL_GAUSS(domain_or_url, first_name, last_name)

Parameter Mandatory Description
domain_or_url Yes The company domain or URL where the person works. For example: "amazon".
first_name Yes The first name of the person. For example: "jeff".
last_name Yes The last name of the person. For example: "bezos".


To get the email address for someone called Jeff Bezos at Amazon:

FIND_DOMAIN_GAUSS("amazon.com", "jeff", "bezos")

Find email example


Yeah - our Gauss integration is pretty awesome and will definitely make your company searches a whole lot easier.

And if you need a bit of a quick start, check out our templates:

And now get out there, build :rocket:!


This is quite useful.
Wanted to understand , how to get emails of the companies that come out in the results. Dont want all the emails , but just a couple to start with. Is there a way to limit the emails requested for each company ?

Hey @Hari :wave:t4:

Here are some ways in which you could get the emails of different companies (based on their domain names) -

  • Using the SEARCH_DOMAIN_HUNTER function on each row that has a company domain to see if you get a few email IDs from there
  • You can use our Find companies and leads template that makes use of our LinkedIn functions to find people first and then choose to trigger Hunter function & find their emails

From the second option, you can choose whose email you’d like to fetch based on their LinkedIn profiles.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Gauss is delivering some great results, better than clearbit and mattermark, great work guys!

Is Gauss DashDash’s own product or have you simply made it easy to connect to someone else’s API?


Thank you @jack, we really appreciate the feedback.

It is a combination of both. In some cases we built the logic to find the right data points and in others we’re serving 3rd party data (with data preparation and cleanup in our end).


Great stuff @henrique

You guys should consider spinning out Gauss as a standalone enrichment API product, a la Clearbit.

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