*Update*: Integrations, Data Viewer are now live!

Hello friends of dashdash :couple:

Today we are announcing a big, fat update to our platform:

  • Integrations are now live! Integrations are the easiest way to interact with any service. Each service enables cool functions which you can use inside each cell and combine with your regular spreadsheet formulas!
  • We are also giving you an uber-simple Data Viewer. Click the <> in a cell with data to explore and extract any content, automatically.
  • We have also squashed a number of bugs and made other performance improvements.

Please see below additional details on Integrations and our new Data Viewer!

More news soon!
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More on Integrations

  • Where to access them?
    • From the dashboard, click the left bar to access all integrations.
  • What are integrations and why should you be happy?
    • With integrations, you activate once a service and then you can use its functions repeatedly without authentication or any complex formulas. Let’s say, you want to use Twilio to send SMSs: activating the integration in our dashboard will enable you to send SMS’s with SEND_SMS_TWILIO(sender, destination, message). As simple as that. :email: :iphone: :slight_smile:
    • Since the start, we made it a priority of dashdash to let you use any service on the internet. dashdash gave you the GET() and POST() functions that let you perform any of those web requests. Integrations are the next step, providing unparalleled simplicity when accessing the services which you need.
  • Which integrations are there?
    • SMS: Twilio, Infobip and MessageBird.
    • Language Tools: Google, Microsoft, DeepL.
    • Mapping and location tools: Google.
    • Enrichment APIs: Clearbit.
  • Anything else? Yes.
    • Our integrations are native to dashdash, so they’re fast and integrated into the cells.
    • Integrations also provide a real, complete access to the services you use. There are not a dumbed-down version of the internet, but the actual real deal, just like engineers use. Whenever you get a response, you can see everything which the service sent us. How cool is that?

We are very committed to giving you the full power of APIs!

You can see the list of our functions that work with integrations below the List of functions post.

More on Data Viewer

You already know that our cells can have powerful, structured data, in the form of a JSON. JSON is a human readable structured notation.

Yet, searching and extracting data from cells wasn’t as easy as we wanted. So we changed that!

Now, if you click the data symbol (<>) of a cell, you will now see a panel where you can explore the data of a cell. It gets better! Click any of the content inside that panel and that will generate a formula which you can paste (ctrl+v) inside another cell: this will extract that piece of data from the original cell into the other cell, and obviously keep it updated!