*Update* Integrations - Crunchbase

Hi dashdashers,

This week we have shipped a new integration that will take your apps to a new level.

With this integration you will find functions that will allow you to:

  • COMPANIES_AT_EVENT_CRUNCHBASE - Get companies that were at an event;
  • COMPANIES_BY_EX_EMPLOYER_CRUNCHBASE - Get companies that were founded by someone work previous on a specific company;
  • COMPANIES_BY_FOUNDERS_WITH_EXIT_CRUNCHBASE - Get companies where founders are no longer in that company;
  • COMPANIES_BY_FUNDING_CRUNCHBASE - Get companies that based on the last funding details;
  • COMPANIES_BY_SIZE_CRUNCHBASE - Get companies with a specific number of employees;
  • COMPANIES_BY_NAME_CRUNCHBASE - Get companies with a specific name;
  • COMPANIES_BY_INVESTORS_CRUNCHBASE - Get companies that is funded by a specific investor.

Go ahead, take a look and keep sending us your feedback and requests! :mega:

Fred & the dashdash team