*Update* Instant Integrations, Buttons & Checkboxes, and new Functions

Hi community,

Over the past few weeks we released a few features that we’re very excited to share with you :smiley:

Instant Integrations

We launched our first set of Instant Integrations. These integrations allow you to use only your dashdash account to access paid services: find information about people, companies, places and more. No need to create and track accounts with multiple providers. No need to create API keys. No need to put your credit card in 10 different websites.

The list of Instant integrations it’s available here, and will be expanding it monthly, always with a focus on bringing you the best data and services available.

To activate an Instant Integration, simply select the integration you want and press “Connect”:

Setup your dashdash wallet (by adding a payment method), define your monthly limit, and you are ready to go. Don’t worry, the setup needs to be done just once. Once your wallet is setup, connect to integrations in one click and get to building mode!

Want more details? You can find everything you need to know here.

Buttons & Checkboxes

You can format any cell as a button or a checkbox and make your app easier to use and control. We added the new interactive elements to the format bar so they are right there when you need them.

Here how you can use them:

Add a button to control when your functions are triggered or make the most of a checkbox as a toggle to qualify any action (e.g if the checkbox is checked, add the new contact to the CRM).

Usability improvements

Composing functions easily can make or break any spreadsheet. With this new release, we have improved our Autocomplete feature so it works even while you are writing nested functions (e.g IF(A2=”Yes”, SEND_SMS_TWILIO(…)).

New Custom Functions

We have released two new functions - OVERWRITE and OVERWRITE_DATA. These functions are very similar to Insert and Insert_Data, being the main difference any existing content below the target header is completely replaced with every execution of the functions.

Here’s how to use them:



That is it for this week! We’ll be back soon with more news. In the meantime, reach out with any questions, suggestions, or take a few minutes to show the community what you’re building with dashdash.

The dashdash team