*Update* Hubspot, Zoho CRM and a new Integrations marketplace

Hi all,

This week we’re very excited to launch our first CRM integrations and new redesign of our Integrations discovery experience!

Hubspot and Zoho CRM, welcome to dashdash :wave:

Now you can now manage your favourite CRM directly from your dashdash apps. Here are a few things you can do with Hubspot (18 functions) and the Zoho CRM (6 functions) integration:

  • Turn an enriched list of people/businesses in dashdash into new leads, companies and contacts in your CRM
  • Search for duplicate contacts/deals/contacts and edit them on the spot inside your app
  • Easily update your deals anytime, custom objects included

New Integrations discovery

Today, our Integrations marketplace got a fresh look.

With this redesign, finding the services you need to make your apps magical just became a lot easier :wink: You can now easily browse our integrations by category, check out our Top Picks and New integrations, or simply search for a new service to add.

We look forward to hearing you can build with the new integrations, and would love to hear your thoughts on which news integrations to add :mega:

The dashdash team