*Update*: Function Helper, better Copy-Paste

Hello dashdash users :star_struck:

This week we have yet more cool stuff for you:

:bookmark: A new function bar!

Now you can see which functions we have, how to use them, and examples. Just click the green ∑ Functions button in the top right corner of the cell content bar and bam! you can filter them by category! Tip: open the Essentials category in the function bar.

:scissors: An Improved copy-paste, cut-paste, paste as values.

We remade all of these collage operations to work more comprehensively on our cloud, so that everything moves correctly and to the correct place, including your service executions etc. Just use the ctrl+c or ctrl+x to copy or paste, respectively, and ctrl+v to paste! Pro-tip: ctrl+shift+v pastes as values. On a Mac, use the cmd key instead of ctrl.

We also did many bug fixes and a couple of performance improvements!

Send us your comments, ideas and requests!

:bat: the undead dashdash team :bat: