*Update*: Drag Cells + full cell editing (keyboard & mouse) + Infinite Grid and Pagination on Google integrations

Hi dashdashers—

Over the last couple of weeks we have shipped a few new goodies: :sunglasses:

Dragging Cells

On the bottom right of a selected cell or range, you’ll find that familiar small square. Pull it down to fill the content more quickly to other columns and rows of your view. Double quick it to automatically fill the range to the size of the nearest adjacent column. Here’s how it works:

Editing formulas by Pointing & Composing

One month ago we previewed Point & Compose (via keyboard). Today we’re excited to share the full release of the functionality.

You can now use your mouse as well as keyboard to select a specific cell or a range of cells while creating or editing your formulas. Switch between them with Cmd+E/ Ctrl+E Here’s how it works:

Infinite Grid

With this new feature, we give to the user the ability to navigate to cells that aren’t created/available and with a simple action (pressing ‘+’ or defining some text or hitting ‘Enter’ key twice) create all the columns and/or rows until the active cell.

Pagination on Google Custom Search and Google Maps Platform

Previously when executing a function of these integrations you would get a maximum of 10 items per execution, now by default you will get a maximum of 100 items on Google Custom Search and 60 on Google Maps Platform.
We also give the flexibility to define how many items you want to be retrieved for that you just need to define the optional parameter called ‘records’

Keep sending us your feedback and requests! :mega:


Fred & the dashdash team