Is it possible to replace the “name of sheet” in the UPDATE_CELLS_GOOGLE_SHEETS function with a value in a cell ?

UPDATE_CELLS_GOOGLE_SHEETS(D9:P1000, “‘name of sheet’!A1:M1000”, $M$1))

For example the “name of sheet” to be picked up from say C3 cell or any cell reference …

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Yes :slight_smile:

You can do this by joining the sheet name from a cell to the range reference using an & (ampersand) symbol or even use the CONCATENATE function. Here’s an example snapshot -

The part that I’d like to highlight in the entire formula is E2&"!A1:B1000" which translates to Sheet1!A1:B1000.

Hope this helps!

Thanks . That works. :grinning:

It is cool.

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