*Update*: AVERAGE, MEDIAN and more Integration functions

Hey Community,

This week we released a set of new functions for all you dashdashers :sunglasses::

New Math Functions

  • AVERAGE - Calculates average of numbers.
  • MEDIAN - Calculates the median of a set of numbers.
  • MODE - Calculates the mode of a set of numbers.

Integrations Functions

Building up on the success of our SEARCH_LINKEDIN_COMPANY and SEARCH_LINKEDIN_PERSON functions, we release new functions for our Google Custom Search - Site Restricted integration, specially targeted to our German friends:

  • SEARCH_XING_COMPANY_GOOGLE - Find companies on Xing using Google.
  • SEARCH_XING_PERSON_GOOGLE - Discover people on Xing using Google.

Building your lists using Xing is now easier than ever.

Stay tuned for more updates. We’ll be back soon :wave:

The dashdash team