Uncategorized exception error

I’ve been building a table using API calls, and after a some time, pretty much all GET formulas started taking waaay too long to process, showing … in the cell, and “Working…” in the Rows header. After some time, I got the following error in all cells that had the … :

Is this expected in a free account? Did I cause this somehow, or can I expect that everything will return to normal after some time?

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Hey @arturo :wave:t4: thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about the trouble.

This looks like a very specific bug and is not expected. Would you be open to DMing us via our in-app Intercom chat (by clicking the ? on the dashboard, found on the top-right-corner) so I could get a little more detail in terms of your account/spreadsheet, the API you’re using etc.?

will do, thank you so much for the prompt response! :smiley: