Twitter automation

Twitter functions are working in dashdash

Hi community,

Just sharing a use case of how I have used dashdash for automating tweets for .

I have also implemented the Airtable automation for tweets and I have found it to be quite versatile. dash dash twitter function should NOW create provision for attachments since Airtable has a provision for that . You can see both implementations in the link.



The only complaint I have is from twitter. The APIs calls are stopped as soon as there is a burst of updates, though the calls are within limits.

Can any one suggest how to overcome that ?

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Thanks for sharing, @Hari :raised_hands:t4: Content curation is no small feat and looks like you’ve been able to automate your workflow to a great length :tada:

  1. While it’s not on our immediate agenda, being able to tweet with attachments is something that our teams have been made aware of already :slight_smile:
  2. As for the API throttling, we are working on optimizing these to see how best to handle them in order to avoid such situations. In the meantime, you could consider tweeting sequentially, as opposed to doing it all at once

Here’s what I mean -

In the following scenario, cell C1 (which tweets the text from cell B1) is dependent on a button from cell A1:

However, in the subsequent row (i.e. cell C2), the twitter function is dependent on cell C1 instead:

The same formulation continues to rows 3, 4 & 5 as well where each cell in Column C is dependent on the one above.

Note -

  1. This would not solve the API throttling issue overall but would at least increase the number of tweets you’d be able to send
  2. A major caveat here would also be to NOT edit any of the rows in between, once the campaign has been triggered as changing / editing even a single row would re-trigger all the functions in the rows below

Let me know in case you need any help modifying your existing workflow and I’d be happy to help.