Track public company's Earnings stats with Yahoo Finance


If you’re running an analysis on publicly traded companies and need easy access to information about their earnings, dashdash can help you. In this case, we’re going to build a simple app to find the EBITDA/employee of a few Fortune 500 companies in a few simple steps.

The end result will look like this:

Ready or not, here we go :checkered_flag:

1. Get your API key from Rapid API

Sign up with RapidAPI to get the key to use the Yahoo Finance API. After signing up and subscribing to the API (you get 500 request per month for free with the BASIC plan), you can access your API key here:

2. Add your key to your dashdash app

You’ll need to add your API key (let’s call it Your-API-Key) to the dashdash app and create a JSON that will be used in our request to RapidAPI.

B1: “X-RapidAPI-Key”
B2: Your-API-Key

3. Add the companies you want to track

Add the name of the company and the market ticker (“Symbol”) that you want to track.

A7: “Walmart”
B7: “WMT”

3. Get the earnings stats from Yahoo Finance and PARSE the results

We will first make a GET() request to the Yahoo Finance service and then select the metrics that we are looking for (EBITDA and Nº of employees)

C7: =GET(""&B7,$B$3)
D7: =PARSE(C7,"['financialData'].['ebitda'].['raw']")
E7: `=PARSE(C7,"[‘summaryProfile’].[‘fullTimeEmployees’]")``

You can type the function above or simply use the data explorer and copy the stats to the cell.

4. Calculate the EBITDA per employee

Finally, to calculate the EBITDA per employee, we simply divide D7 by E7

F7: =D7/E7

aaaaand it’s done. If you want to track more companies, just add their name and symbol to the table and copy-paste the cells C7:F7 and it will automatically calculate the EBITDA/employee for all the companies.

Fancying more stats? There is a lot more data to explorer about companies in dashdash

  1. Take a look at other stats from Yahoo Finance in C7 (forward EPS, book value and a lot more)
  2. Explore our integration with Clearbit
  3. For stock market information, take a look at our free Alpha Vantage integration

Happy building,