TODAY() Doesn't update


Hi there! It looks like the TODAY() function isn’t pulling live info without going in and physically refreshing the cell, ex. today’s the 18th, so this cell should be returning with the 16th. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hey @Joe_Goodman :wave:t4: I hear you!

What we have is a non-volatile =TODAY(), =NOW() functions & alike — this is to say that it would only return the specified data iff the cell containing those functions are executed.
It’s by design and is intended to work to our user’s benefit.

If you’d want a cell or a range that contains the TODAY function to automatically be updated, I’d recommend using one of our time-based automation functions (viz. REFRESH, REPEAT or SCHEDULE).
It may seem tricky to do the initial set up but my experience here has been that it provides a lot more control in terms of when you’d want the change to occur and also keep track of what other functions / cells it might impact.

Hope this explains but do feel free to write back in case you have any more questions / concerns around the same :innocent:

Aside: it’s really cool to see you exploring our platform and I hope we get to chat soon!