Stripe API - Authentication


If you are using Stripe as a payment gateway, you might want to create dashboards or to send alerts related to your account, e.g. “send me the status of my refunds once per day”. So you get more control of the money coming in :money_with_wings::moneybag::money_with_wings:

With dashdash, you have your Stripe account data at your fingertips! The Stripe API uses HTTP Basic Auth. You can pass your API key as a BASE64 encoded username without providing a password.

A valid request in dashdash looks like this:

=GET("",'{"Authorization":"Basic '&BASE64(_[YOUR API KEY]_)&":")&'"}')

For the example question above, you can use the “List all refunds” endpoint.

If you want to send alerts, see e.g. our SMS and email examples.

Happy building! :raised_hands::rocket: