Store Responses From Vertical Form In Rows

I have a form that’s laid out like:

Question 1
Input field

Question 2
Input field

Question 3
Input Field

So a natural form layout and I’d like the responses from that form to be stored in rows.

I’ve tried using Transpose to transform the layout of the responses from vertical to horizontal before they’re saved in my responses table, as part of the button’s actions but that just adds the form fields to the form horizontally. Is this possible at the moment?

Hi Alexs,

Could you share the formula you are trying to use with the buttons? Are you trying to store the responses of each question in its own column on a separate table? Do I understand that correctly? Or is it that you are storing the answers from each question in columns on the other table with question1 in row 1, question 2 in row 2 etc?