Send SMS with MessageBird

If you want to send SMSs based on certain actions in your app, you can do it with dashdash.

For this purpose, we will be using the MessageBird API. You can get your API key from the developer menu on the main page of your account. You’re looking for the REST API. Keep in mind you will need to add some credit to your account to send SMSs to 3rd party numbers.

Your app might look like this:

To build it, you use A2:C2 as inputs. Then, the interesting part starts:

D2: ="Hello, "&B2
F2: =PARSE(E2,"['recipients'].['items'][0].['status']")

And this is your simple SMS sender! You can check your phone after sending an SMS, or go inside the MessageBird SMS / SMS overview panel to check your past sent SMSs.

If you want to call the Messagebird API directly with our POST function, here’s how you can do it:

The API is quite simple, and so we can start right away. To know the full documentation of the API, check here.

As you can see, the authentication method of this API is an AccessKey API token in the Authorization header. Assuming you store your AccessKey in cell G1:

E4: =POST("", '{"Authorization":"AccessKey '&G1&'"}', '{"originator":"'&A2&'","recipients":"'&C2&'","body":"'&D2&'"}')