Scheduling cell fulfillment

Hello there,
I have a spreadsheet which have cells that execute POSTs to our Atlassian REST API in order to get some JIRA data in a daily basis. Each post brings us all the data we want for specific dates.

The problem is that, when a new day comes, we need to open the spreadsheet and drag/extend the cells so we can have the data for the current date.

Is there a way to schedule it, so we would no longer need to do this process mannualy?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Vinicius,

One of the functions we are currently working on as part of our roadmap is AUTOFILL which would allow you to automate this process of copy and pasting the cells for new rows.

In the meantime, to solve this you can either:

Solution #1:

  • Counting the number of dates in the first row.
    e.g. Z1: =COUNTA(A1:A)
  • Then adding a FILL function to copy and paste the first row to a number of rows equal to the number of dates found minus one (minus the first row).
    Z2: =FILL(A1:Q1,Z1-1)
  • Every day, when the number of dates changes, the count in Z1 will change. This will automatically trigger the FILL as well.

Solution #2:

  • Wrap the PARSE cells in the first row with IFERROR functions.
    e.g. =IFERROR(PARSE(A1,"example"),"")
  • Then just copy and paste that rows into all the existing rows and future ones (e.g. 100 upcoming rows).
  • That way, it would automatically show the data, if a date exists.
  • If a date doesn’t exist, the IFERROR function would show a blank cell instead of an error.

Please let me know if you have any questions or want me to help you build this.