Rows IP address for whitelist

:wave: Hi! Does Rows uses a static IP address to make Api calls? I want to whitelist that IP on our server.

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Thanks for reaching out, @Nick. I’m having this checked with our teams internally.

Will keep you posted soon as I hear back from them :slight_smile:

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Hey @Nick - I haven’t forgotten about this. Have also been nagging our teams for it too :stuck_out_tongue:
Confirmations on the other hand take time, you see.

I will ensure to keep you appraised soon as there’s more info on it.

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Hi again, @Nick. Just heard back from our team — we don’t use a static IP but have a dynamic setup instead.

Sorry to keep you waiting on this but hope this helps.

Should there be anything else, please do not hesitate to write back :muscle:t4: