and Wordpress / Gravity Forms?

Hey everyone! looks awwwwesome and just what I’ve been looking for. Thank you for building it :slight_smile:

Question: I run a ton of Wordpress sites, with lots of contact forms of different sorts using Gravity Forms. Is there an easy or recommended way you recommend to get Gravity Form submissions into ?

Thank you!

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Hey @Morgan :wave:t4: thanks so much for using Rows and for your kind words — such an amazing way to start our Monday mornings :smile:

Just looked-up Gravity Forms and from what I understand, they support being able to fetch data using REST APIs — REST API v2 Guide - Gravity Forms Documentation

Given that, you can make use of our HTTP functions (GET/PUT/POST) to pull the data from Gravity Forms into Rows. More on that could be found here —

We also assist our users build these workflows too so if you’d like, I’d be happy to schedule some time where we could go over this together via screen share :innocent:

Hope this helps!

THanks for the response!

My concern isn’t getting info from the forms - I want the forms to live inside rowscom !); instead, my concern is: when someone on the site submits a form, is there an easy way to get it into . I think I need a no-code or low-code solution, or I’d need to hire a developer to do it :frowning:

So I think the best next step is: let me know if you put a “wordpress web form to rowscom” integration on the roadmap (or if you have a zapier integration or other way to easily go about achieving the same.)


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Ah! I see what you mean and I’m afraid we don’t yet have a way to input data into Rows from external triggers :sweat_smile:

A webhook or Rows API should help with these — do please feel free to upvote 'em or add any new feature requests there —