Regex function to manipulate results better

Hi dashdash team,

Another request from me :slight_smile:

I could see a lot of potential uses for regex functions sinde dashdash to further manipulate parsed results. I have a use case for it right now :slight_smile:

I am using an OCR api to parse the text in resumes and the API returns well structured text results but they are formatted in a way such as /r/n for each new paragraph.

I’m sure there are many different ways to achieve it but I think regex is very powerful in this regard :partying_face:


Hi @cwinhall,

Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming :steam_locomotive:.

Regex is also a function we are thinking about. How exactly do you see it working?

  • Like the GSheets formulas?
  • Something simpler?


Normally I would say something simpler is better but in this case I think keeping it exactly like GSheets formulas would be more beneficial as there are already many tutorials and help available to troubleshoot a regex issue then :slight_smile:


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thanks @cwinhall
we’ll look into. tbh today this isn’t a super high priority function.