Pull company data from Crunchbase

If you want to grab info about a company, Crunchbase can help you. This is similar to the Clearbit use case.

It takes only 3 simple steps with dashdash:

  1. Grab a key
  2. Send the request with GET
  3. Parse the request with PARSE

Grab a key

Go to crunchbase.com and open your account. Login, and you can find your API Key. Note: you need a paid account to get API access. Check Pricing.

Send the request

A1: 93f3c098... 
A2: uber
A3: =get("https://api.crunchbase.com/v3.1/organizations/"&A2&"?user_key="&A1)

A1 is your API key. A2 is the company you’re looking for, in lowercase. A3 is the request itself.

Parse the request

A4 = PARSE(A3, “data.properties.founded_on”)
To see on which date the company (Uber) was founded on (2009-03-01 is the result).

About the Crunchbase API

Rate limiting: Depends on your agreement with Crunchbase.

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