Privacy & Security

I have noticed that several sheets that I do not use regularly have an update stamp which is like few minutes or few hours ago , whereas I have not touched those sheets for a week maybe.
Am attaching a screen shot to show a typical screen which I saw just now.

I have not touched some of the sheets for several days - for example the Airtable (Extract). . The system shows that it was updated 19 minutes ago.

Does update sheets on its own and puts a time stamp or is my identity compromised ? I have not shared my sheets with any one else?

Am a little concerned and would like to understand how to keep your sheets absolutely secure .

@Hari - other than manually editing sheets, some of the reasons for it to show that these may’ve been modified recently are -

  • automation functions running inside them (viz. REFRESH, REPEAT, SCHEDULE)
  • if these are published apps that folks are able to access by external means

Could you please let me know if either of these scenarios are applicable with respect to these spreadsheets?
Since it’s the weekend, I’d only be able to check with our internal teams to verify them as per our logs by the following week.

Here are a few responses to your other questions as well -

  1. No :slight_smile: Rows platform does not update sheets on its own
    • should there have been a bug, I suspect it would’ve impacted other accounts too but I just checked my official and personal accounts and they don’t seem to show that they’d been updated recently
    • had we been migrating functions - which I remember us doing once with merging our older INSERT_DATA, OVERWRITE_DATA & UPDATE_DATA with INSERT, OVERWRITE, UPDATE respectively - we would’ve notified users of the same as that could’ve shown last modified to be at a recent timestamp where users may’ve not made any edits from their end
  2. At the moment, I have no reason to believe that user accounts at Rows is compromised but I’d definitely recommend changing your password

Your data and spreadsheets are already super secure :muscle:t4: we take privacy and security of these aspects very seriously.

While there’s always our privacy policy that extensively covers all the measures we’ve taken to make that happen, you can also refer our knowledge base articles that should help alleviate some of the concerns you may have on the topic.

Good morning.

I have not logged in for over 6-7 hours now. The above screen is what I saw as soon as I logged in.

I have no scheduled tasks running to the best of my knowledge.

I have now changed my password as well.

Please look into this and let me know what you find .


Hey Hari — based on our email conversations, I’m closing the thread on this here :slight_smile:

In case you happen to have any more questions around it, do please feel free to share them with us either here or on the email trail.