Preventing Data Entry / Locking

Hi all,

Is there a way to be able to lock specific cells from data entry?

I have a table with Months as columns and accounts as rows, and want to be able to lock specific columns/months that contain actual data that must not be available for data entry.

Thanks in advance.


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Depending on how the data input is taking place (via the editor, live app / form etc.), we should be able to control the data entry, to an extent.
If you’re open to it, would love to catch-up over a screen-share session so I could better understand and advise on an approach.

However, we do not have a feature to lock specific cells on the editor (like you’d expect from using Google Sheets or Excel) — something that we are considering to add in the future.

To the extent of what I could imagine your workflow to look like :sweat_smile: here’s an alternative to restrict the data being written in specific cells -

Hope this helps!