Pivot Table (crosstab)

First post - just starting out with Rows.

Coming from LibreOffice. We use pivot tables extensively in our analysis workflow by connecting to a postgreSQL backend db with the LibreOffice JDBC connector.

I can get a RESTful connection to the db, and therefore the data in JSON which was very easy (much easier than in Google sheets). From there I’ve successfully imported the data into a table in ROWS. I can’t seem to work out how to produce an interactive pivot table.

Any help appreciated.


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Hey @Martyn_Shiner :wave:t4: thanks so much for reaching out and for your kind words. Its great to hear that you were easily able to get started with creating data tables in Rows :star_struck:

We don’t yet have a Pivot Table at the moment :sweat_smile:
Be great if you could please upvote that feature request here — https://feedback.rows.com/p/pivot-table

An alternative could be to use some of the typical spreadsheet functions like COUNTIF(S) or SUMIF(S) to see if that allows you to create a summary view — would definitely be a lot less interactive than an actual pivot table itself but could help in the short term.


Thanks Sourabh

Pivot tables are a key component of some of our clients workflow and this feature would be a game changer for us to be able to recommend rows as a way of them connecting to their backend.


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