Parsing date information returns #NAME?

When parsing JSON which includes a date as YYYY-MM-DD, an invalid syntax error (#NAME?) is returned.

A1: {"date":"2017-10-31"}
A2: =PARSE(A1,"date") --> #NAME?

Is there a way to cast the type that is returned? Displaying the date as a string would be totally fine in this case.


@marc I’m checking this, thanks for reporting.

It doesn’t seem to be a problem of the date.

Did you paste the JSON on the cell yourself?

Hi @humberto,
I got the JSON via GET() and parsed it then in another cell.
I will send you the API call and the path I tried to parse.

I am on it! Will have news soon. Thanks @marc.

Hello @marc
This problem should be corrected. Do you mind checking?

Hi @humberto,
problem solved, thanks a lot!