Our new website - dashdash.com!

Dear dashdash Community,

Today, we are launching our new website! :boom:

If you head to dashdash.com, you will see a shiny, new page that tells you much more about what you can do with dashdash: generate leads, track companies, send email alerts, automate workflows, and more.

dashdash is the spreadsheet with access to the best data and APIs. It’s the easiest way to use online services and build automated applications. Wanna see for yourself? Set up your integration in just one click! Alpha Vantage enriches your apps with stock and FX data. Email by dashdash is the easiest way to send emails programmatically. We will be adding more of these soon.

We are building dashdash to enable people without programming experience to build their own tools. Coding in script languages and managing several tools at the same time is just too hard for everyone who has a day job in finance, marketing, or sales. You shouldn’t depend on IT for every bit of innovation. They are already booked for the next years anyway. With dashdash, you can do it yourself!

We are also on Product Hunt today, so please give us feedback and join the conversation there.
Thank you for your early support on our journey. Keep building! :pray: