OAuth2 - Temporary Token?

Is it possible to authenticate with OAuth2, but getting a Temporary Token before the access token?

Is this called a different type of Oauth2; I can’t find documentation relating to this.

Hey @MK_2109 :wave:t4: thanks for reaching out!

Implementing OAuth2 could get a bit complex as it depends on the type of tool/service you’re trying to integrate with. In general, you could read more about it here -

I’ve never really worked with a Temporary Token of sorts :sweat_smile: unless you mean it to be some kind of a refresh/access token but even this, I’m sure would depend on the documentation provided by the service who’s API you’re trying to implement.

Most allow server-side access to OAuth APIs but some require users to authorize it (for the first time) from the frontend.

We can definitely support the former scenario and you’ll find a link to a Google Doc that we’d published a while ago here -

For reference, it’s this one -

Do please feel free to reach out in case you face any difficulties with it.

Hi Sourabh,

  • I can only get an Access Token by getting the Temporary Token first. The Temp Token is added to the header of the Authorization URL.
  • In Postman, I get a popup window, where I have to login to the application. (I login using my everyday username & password for the software, not API credentials).

I’m assuming this is what you’re referring to, by “authorizing it from the front-end.”

What can I do in this situation?

btw, I’m not a programmer, which may be obvious, so if I don’t make any sense, please disregard.

Thanks for sharing more details! Since we don’t have a feature to allow authorizing an external application via a pop-up window on our frontend, I suppose you could make use of the temporary token that you receive when authorizing on Postman instead. Have you tried that already?

I should be able to help better over a quick screenshare too, if you’re up for it :blush: — please let me know and I’ll DM you the details.

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