*New* Recommended tables, Find & Replace and fresh integrations

Hi spreadsheet folks,

New year, new features :champagne: . In a busy month after the holiday break, we have a few new things that we’re proud to announce:

Recommended tables

Let’s face it. Getting data from an integration into a table in your spreadsheet was not exactly silky smooth. Now, whenever you execute one of the many custom functions available with our integrations, we help you go from data into a table in a few of clicks:

1. Execute the search and click on the icon

2. Select which data table you want, and where to put it

No need for #3. That is it. Your table is ready to use and customize to your workflow.

Find & Replace

One of your most common requests was to add the Find & Replace feature inside a dashdash spreadsheet. Consider it done :heavy_check_mark:

Call it using the shortcut you already know - CTRL/CMD+F, and you are good to go.

New Integration: Gauss

You remember Gauss. From math class, the guy that named that curve. In his honor, because we like stats almost as much as we like spreadsheets, we’ve released a new integration with a set of functions to enrich data about people and companies.

The first Gauss function - FIND_DOMAIN_GAUSS - helps you easily find a company domain based on its name:

Give it try. We’d love to hear your feedback on it.

New Integration: Gmail

Finally, this month also comes with the release of the Gmail integration. With it, you can search, find and send emails from your Gmail account directly from dashdash.

Other notable improvements include a big round of bug fixes and general UI/UX improvements inside the editor and in publishing.

Look out for our next update. More things are coming :rocket:

Happy building,
Henrique & the dashdash team