*New* Integrations on editor, costs visibility, clickable hyperlinks and Google analytics integration!

Hi all!

We’ve been working on providing you more context and visual cues while you are building your spreadsheet.

Integrations marketplace right where you need it

Now you can access all our integrations and connect while you are building your spreadsheet without losing the context you are working in.

You can access it through the puzzle icon on the formula bar or from a function detail.

My usage - Costs visibility per spreadsheet

We used to provide you how much you spend per integration per month, but now that you can share your apps via hyperlink, we thought you would like to see your costs per spreadsheet.

You can see the new costs report on the My usage.

Clickable hyperlinks

They were missing and finally arrived - Clickable hyperlinks! From now on your links will be formatted as a link and you’ll be able to navigate to the page you want by clicking on the link icon.

Google Analytics

On the integrations side, we also continue to hear your request and we just add a brand new integration to our Marketplace - Google Analytics

With Google Analytics you can extract a considerable amount of information from your projects into dashdash spreadsheets. For this purpose we offer you 4 functions:

  • LIST_ACCOUNTS_ANALYTICS_GOOGLE: Retrieves all details from all analytics projects that are associated with your google account.

Note: To extract the correct project id, you need to enter this parse function on a cell

=PARSE(, “[‘items’][0].[‘webProperties’][0].[‘profiles’][0].[‘id’]”)

  • PAGE_ANALYTICS_GOOGLE - Returns a report with the most common page metrics (ga:pageValue, ga:entrances, ga:entranceRate, ga:pageviews, ga:pageviewsPerSession, ga:uniquePageviews, ga:timeOnPage, ga:avgTimeOnPage, ga:exits, ga:exitRate) for a given date range. You can also specify dimensions, define how your data is sorted, what filters you would like to apply. More information about how the filters, sort and dimensions should be sent, check this link.

  • SESSION_ANALYTICS_GOOGLE: Similar to PAGE_ANALYTICS_GOOGLE, but for all sessions that are stored in your project, we already defined which metrics are sent by default (ga:users, ga:newUsers, ga:percentNewSessions, ga:sessions, ga:sessionDuration, ga:avgSessionDuration, ga:sessionsPerUser, ga:bounces, ga:bounceRate, ga:hits). You can also define other parameters for a more accurate response.

  • CUSTOM_ANALYTICS_GOOGLE: The behaviour of this function is similar to the previous 2 functions but for this function we let you define which metrics you would like to be returned on the response (up to a maximum of 10 metrics).

We would love to get your feedback!

Marta and the dashdash team.