Need MD5 hash function

I need to call an API that requires an MD5 hash signature based on key + secret + params.

I can’t find any functions related to hashes or digests in the library. How would I accomplish this?

Is it possible to add code for custom functions?

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Hey @Eliot_Shepard :wave:t4: — thanks for reaching out! We’re working on enabling the custom functions feature and it’s part of our 2021 roadmap too!

In the meantime, I’d recommend using a 3rd party API service that allows you to retrieve MD5 hash data, based on different input parameters — I’ve used the Hashify APIs in the past and they seem to work like a charm too.

To know more about using our GET/PUT/POST functions, feel free to refer our documentation here.

Happy to help show you how to set this up over a screen share session too :blush: — feel free to DM me the details.

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Perfect, thank you. Hadn’t found Hashify.

One other suggestion for the roadmap: some sort of console available to show greater detail when functions and integrations go wrong.


I really like this idea of a “console” to trace executions.
While it’s not on our most immediate roadmap, I’d love to see this in our product in the middle term @Eliot_Shepard

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