Microsoft Azure: Getting an API key to use Bing search API


If you want to use the Bing Search API, or any other API from Microsoft Azure Cloud, follow these steps:

  1. Login or register in
  2. Click + Create a resource.
  3. Search the marketplace for Bing Search.
  4. For both Bing Search vX and Bing Custom Search.
    A. Click the service on the search results.
    B. Click create. Enter a name, select your subscription (default is pay as you go).
    C. Select your pricing tier. Tiers depend on the volume and the features (endpoints) you need to access. For example, Tier S1 on Bing Search v7 gives you 250 Transactions Per Second, and access to all endpoints.
  5. After you created a resource, open that resource (from All resources on the navigation menu) and go to keys.

Bam! your API keys!

Let’s go!
humberto @dashdash team