Merge Cells and Independent Color Selection for Shades and Fonts

Excel and Google Sheets allow me to easily MERGE CELLS for formatting purposes.
I’m a bit hamstrung trying to convert my SHEETS to ROWS as the merge function does not seem to exist…
Also, color selection for fonts and shading need to be independent. I like to hide ‘computation cells’ by matching the shade color to the font color - can’t do this in ROWS color selections.

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Hey @rdglas :wave:t4: — at the moment, we don’t have the ability to merge cells in Rows. Please do add it to our feature request board here or if you’d like, I could add it there on your behalf too.

As for the color selection, this is something our teams are already aware of and are actively working towards improving as well. You should see this being updated in the near future :blush: