Making your life easier and New Functions - UPDATE_DATA() + GET_SUBSCRIBERS_MAILCHIMP()

Hi dashdashers,

We have been hearing your requests and to your feedback and this week we released a few additions to our application. ! :sunglasses:

Making you life easier


After hearing your feedback, we did a couple of improvements to help you through your quest of discovering our tutorials:

  • The Tutorials are now easily accessible on the left panel right below your views

  • Need to read or repeat the previous step in a tutorial? Just navigate back by clicking on the bullet of the step you want to revisit

Point&Compose (via keyboard)

You can now use your keyboard to select a specific cell or range of cells

New functions


Are you remembered that a couple of weeks ago, we released a INSERT_DATA function.

This week, we released UPDATE_DATA that allows you to enrich your spreadsheet with new data that you might have missed while using INSERT_DATA.

In this example we will add to our app the rating of each store


Mailchimp is live for a couple of weeks. Today we’re happy to introduce GET_SUBSCRIBERS_MAILCHIMP, so that you can easily get all the subscribers of your Mailchimp list.

Looking forward to hear your feedback on how you use this functions! :mega:


Fred and the dashdash team