Looking for an equivalent to the SEARCH PROFILES BY COMPANY LINKEDIN function

Hello everyone.
I came across rows quite recently, and I wanted to duplicate this template → Rows

I was especially keen on being able to get LinkedIn profiles associated with a company and a specific department and/or specific positions (cf. picture). It seems that this function is no longer supported, does anyone has a workaround in mind?


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Hey @Vincent_Abraham :wave:t4: thanks for reaching out. You’re right about us not supporting that function anymore :sweat_smile:

One alternate would be to use Google’s custom search engine API via our Google Search - Web integration to look for roles from specific companies. Doesn’t always provide you with the best results since it heavily depends on the kind of company/industry and the type of people you’re looking for.

Setting it up can be a tad complex so feel free to DM us via our in-app Intercom chat (accessible via the ? on the right-top corner from your dashboard) so we could schedule some time to catch-up over a Google Meet call and go over setting it up over a screen share :innocent: