Issue with Template: Find YouTube Videos

Hi guys,

I’m trying to use the Rows template ‘Find YouTube Videos’, but the column ‘id’ in the Videos table is not getting populated after the ‘Get Videos’ button is applied in the Search table.

Everything else in the template works, except for this detail.

So I am not able to retrieve video-level data.

Anyone here knows why?

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for bringing this up, we did have a small bug on the Template that caused that issue!

Here’s how to populate the id column (we will update the template in the meantime)

A) In the ‘Videos’ table, change F1 to videoId
B) In the ‘Search’ table, in E1 change the 'Videos'!A1:E1 to 'Videos'!A1:F1

C) In the ‘Videos’ table, change the formula un column H, change the formula to refer to the cell in column F : GET_VIDEO_INSIGHTS_YOUTUBE(F2)

This should do the trick!

When you click the button to Get Videos again, the column with the id will be populated, and you can enrich it by pressing “Enrich Video”

Thank you,

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