Is it possible to Hide a column?

Hi dashdash community! :wave:

I spoke with @hadyelhady last week and was really impressed with the capabilities and potential of the platform.

I’m currently making my way through the tutorials at the moment (which are excellent, btw!) but I have one question following on from Tutorial 4, “Share your Spreadsheet”

I was wondering if it’s possible to hide columns in a sheet - it would be particularly useful for this use case, as the visitor to the web app really doesn’t need to see the Get Price column.

I saw that @cwinhall had requested something similar in the past, but I’m just not sure whether or not it’s actually available.

Just to have a reference, this is the equivalent option in Sheets:


Hi @domhnall,

Thanks for the question!

We do not have the “Hide column” functionality just yet. It is already on our roadmap and we hope to ship it in the coming couple of months.

In the meantime, you “hide” the {data} cell by encapsulating it within the Price formula. Here is how.

Currently, you should have:

D2: = IFERROR(PARSE(C2,"[‘Global Quote’].[‘03. high’]"),"")

All you have to do is combine them into one cell:

C2: IF(B2=“GET DATA”,PARSE(STOCK_ALPHAVANTAGE(A2),"[‘Global Quote’].[‘03. high’]"),“Press Button”)

This way, when the button is clicked, C2 gets the data from the Alpha vantage integration and gets the stock price in the same step.

This should do the trick. Let me know if it helps :muscle:



Thanks a million @henrique - this is an ideal workaround for now!

I don’t want to be nosey or anything, (and sorry for the off-topic question) but is this an external or an internal roadmap?


Internal, at least for now :slight_smile:

In essence, we’re working and will continue to work on several spreadsheet parity functionalities (filter, sort, hide, add/remove cols/rows), sharing and publishing, a revamp of the performance of the platform and several new integrations (Twitter, Airtable, Social media, etc)

We don’t have it opened to the public but would be happy to hear your thoughts and how we could make it better for you!

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Makes sense, great to hear!

Awesome :+1:

It took me about 30 mins yesterday to figure out how to connect to Airtable, which was ok, but in comparison to your Slack integration and having integration-specific functions would definitely take this to the next level!

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Just wondered how you’re getting on with:


filter, sort, hide, add/remove cols/rows

Also, another couple to add to this would be:

  1. Auto-sizing of columns by double clicking
  2. Ability to resize the column you have selected (can’t currently seem to do this)


Hey @benmorris

Going one by one:

  1. Filter: It is already live :grinning:. You can filter the values of any table using the filter icon next to the view settings. Here is our Filter feature guide.

  2. Sort: We’re in the final stages of development. Should be live very soon (~2 weeks)

  3. Add/Remove/Move Rows/Cols: Coming next, after the Sort.

  4. Hide: We deprioritized hiding rows/cols for now but will get back to this in 1-2 quarters.

Thank you for the additional suggestions. Auto-sizing is planned, but not allocated to a quarter yet.

You can already manually resize a column by moving the mouse cursor to the edge of the column header and expanding/contracting it. Here’s a quick GIF of it:

Thanks for the feedback and the questions. Keep them coming!

Thanks @henrique :slight_smile:

  1. Not sure how I missed filters but thanks for humouring me!

  2. Sort - Yes!

  3. Add/Remove/Move Rows/Cols - Yes!

  4. Hide - No probs, good to know it’s still in the pipeline

  5. Autosizing - Guess you’re right that it is less important than the rest :thinking:

On the re-sizing, I think we have our wires crossed. You can’t currently re-size a column you have selected:

Can't re-size selected column

Thanks for the quick reply and keep up the good work!

You are right, you currently can’t resize it if the column is selected (as you showed).
That is a bug. I’ll report it and we’ll add it to our pipeline to fix.

Thanks for noticing this!