Is it possible to get data from a database hosted on Amazon?

So I’m trying to connect a my spreadsheet with my database hosted on Amazon. Is this possible?

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Hey @Sebastian_Haugeto :wave:t4: — thanks for reaching out!

While we don’t have any direct integrations with AWS services, as long as the database is accessible via REST APIs that output data in JSON format, you should be able to make use of 'em in Rows :slight_smile:

More on this can be found here but please feel free to write back in case there’s anything specific that you may need help with.


Do you know if they are planning to add the new G-xxx… format from Google Analytics to the integrations? Right now I can only find the UA-xxx… format.

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Are you referring to the GA4 property? From what I see in their docs, the API is not fully publicly released -

While this hasn’t come up in our conversations, I’d also be sure to pass it with our Product team for further deliberation; however, if you could share the specific data points you would prefer to explore, that would be of great help too. Thanks.

I actually have to go with Supermetrics + Google Sheets as my data pipeline management system because they offer the GA4 property and a simple way to connect to a database. If you guys had that, I’d switch in no-time.